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  Audio - Video Cables.


Central conductor is made of 99.97 % pure solid copper manufactured by our group company. It is insulated with Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric manufactured from imported polyethylene, which enhances the foaming upto 70%, which leads to lower and uniform attenuation.



About Product

These cables are used for transmission of Video and Audio signals and are used in CATV Industry. The number of CATV channels has gone up to over 100 channels. These cables are ideal for such multi channel applications. The central conductor is made of solid copper, which makes it ideal for power pass application.




Technical Data
RG 59, RG 6 and RG 11
Inner conductor
Solid Copper
Gas injected physical foamed polyethylene
Flooding compound
Outer conductor
Bonded Polyaluminum tape, braided with Aluminum alloy wires
Outer jacket
UV resistant black PVC jacket
Progressive sequential length marking on every meter
305 m on bobbins and 100m coils
Our Product Range
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Termocouple Compensating & Extension Cables
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